A Design System Approach To Brand Identity

By 45/RPM Staff


Your brand identity is never set in stone. To stay modern and relevant, you need to look at your company’s brand with a critical eye to understand when refinement or a redesign is necessary. Adopt a rebranding method that is a continuous process and less dramatic. You can accomplish this by implementing a design system, a collection of reusable visual components that can be assembled to build any number of applications. Using a design system approach to branding allows your brand to evolve with trends and new technology easily and continuously evaluate, refine, or redesign by providing reusable components and styles.

Brand Evaluation: Aligning brand identity with your brand values and personality

As a founder or executive, your brand identity feels evident to you, and you might not think it's necessary to reevaluate your brand identity and visuals, but it's important to look at both with the lens of someone who doesn't know your brand at all. 

Challenges in making a brand move: 

  • There is often a sentimental attachment to the brand - among founders and the team  
  • Updating brand elements is resource-intensive as they frequently appear in many public-facing assets

To figure out if your brand needs work, take a look at your visuals alongside your company's mission and vision and ask, "do they align?" Rebranding is a complicated process. However, it's necessary to remain competitive.

Here are a few ways to critically look at your brand and decide if your brand identity needs to evolve:

  • Do your visuals communicate how you want consumers to see your brand? For example, if you see your brand as cutting edge or more traditional, do your visuals reflect your brand's personality? 
  • Are your visuals easily replicated across platforms? In other words, do you have a design system or components that people across your organization can repurpose and use?

Tweaking Your Brand: Understanding where to begin 

Once you’ve decided your brand needs an update, it’s time to dig into your company’s core to make sure the new brand identity accurately reflects its mission and vision. As a founder or executive, you might know a lot, a little, or not a lot at all about branding and design. 

There is no set time frame for frequently refining or revamping a visual brand, but you should always be looking for signs that you need to improve and update to stay connected to your customers and relevant in your market.

  • For enterprises: consider a visual update if you’ve expanded your core product or service set, added sub brands, or merged with another company. 
  • For all companies: consider a brand update if you feel your story has stopped resonating in the marketplace or if new market entrants have displaced you.  
  • For all companies: consider a visual update if you’ve just reached a milestone accomplishment, benchmark, or anniversary. 

Making minor changes to a visual brand year to year by introducing elements like new photography or iconography based on industry trends, letting your visual brand evolve through time is critical. For example, Facebook and Instagram remain relevant because they are constantly modernizing their visuals but doing it in a way that doesn’t drastically change their visual brand in the consumers’ eyes.  

Creating a dynamic brand that have the ability to evolve requires: 

Our Process 

  • Work with the client to craft a visual brand that meets both their expectations and is visually compelling to  their customers.
  • Understand a company's brand personality, goals,  and market standing, so we can start the process  with their values and your targets in mind. 
  • Design  with a clear understanding of our client’s market and where their brand lives. 
  • Select or design elements - typography, color palette, iconography, photograph, etc. - that communicate to internal and external stakeholders 
    • Develop brand assets that can be utilized  across mediums.


Our Experience

We are brand builders at our core – designing and developing brands from the ground up and modernizing existing brand identities. We recently worked with BinVault, an on-demand valet storage service, to design and build their brand.  Our work included:

  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Website
  • Digital & Traditional Advertising
  • Photography & Video Production
  • Paid and Organic Social Content

BinVault needed a brand and a marketing strategy that would resonate with their target audiences. Learn  more about how we designed and developed their brand deliverables intentionally created to translate across multiple platforms  here.




Contact us to better understand when to refresh or redesign your visual brand identity to create a dynamic brand that allows your brand to evolve with time and stay modern.