Design And Develop An Impactful E-commerce Website In The Digital Era

By 45/RPM Staff


Good web design is difficult. Creating an impactful site that drives sales and has value for customers is even more complicated.

The combination of strategic marketing and positioning leads to an impactful e-commerce site that increases sales.

Here are some key factors to keep in mind while designing and building an e-commerce website.

Have Goal

Every website should have a vision and goals that align with their overall business strategy. Goals should be reflected in your KPIs to track the success of your site. For many companies, your website is your lifeblood. It is often the first touchpoint, a funnel for sales or lead generation, where you attract top talent and more.

Performance Matters

It’s not enough to have a pretty website. A high-speed functioning website is essential for consumers leading to possibly purchasing your product or service. To have a high-speed e-commerce website you need to implement the best practices in front end and back end code.

Coding Makes a Difference

All code is not created equal. Your code is a key element of an efficient and high functioning e-commerce site. It’s essential to do research on the plugins you are using to make sure these are stable, under active maintenance, and validated by a good amount of developers. Not implementing the best code practices can lead to broken code and a cluttered website.


Designing a webpage is more than just picking color palettes, imagery, and fonts. It’s making sure that the design and the development of the website work together. A better user experience occurs when both design and code function inline with the other. Design affects how the consumers interact with your website and the development is the speed, user experience, and security of the site. When both of these elements work together it allows the customer to have a better experience. Better user experience leads to more sales, which is the ultimate goal.

Think Mobile

Designing an e-commerce website that translates to mobile phones effortlessly is essential for expanding your business. Poor user experience on a mobile device results in consumers being 60% less likely to buy from the same company in the future. More people use their phones to browse products than in-person or on a computer, so having a pleasant experience on a mobile e-commerce site is essential to increase sales.

Good websites are more than the sum of its parts. Ultimately each factor of a website impacts how the consumer views your company and website. A pleasant experience leads to happier consumers which in turn can lead to the purchase of your product or service.

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