Don't Let Your Creative Agency F@#! Up Your Next Website

By Tim Neill


Sales, Not Awards, are the Measure of a Good Website

When you walk in to the 45RPM office, you are not going to find a wall of awards and accreditations. We don't go looking for them. We don't pay to get them. We don't believe that they show any concrete value to our customers.

However, when you talk to a 45RPM customer, you are going to hear success stories about their websites and digital marketing programs more generally. You are going to hear how we turned around an utterly ineffective digital marketing spend and went from .35% ROI to 3.5% in just six months. You are going to hear that our digital programs helped drive more year-over-year in store purchases for a fast casual restaurant chain.

Why do our websites and our digital marketing programs work? It's simple: we bury ourselves in the reasons why your customers buy from you and then focus our effort to make you digital presence reinforce that buying pattern. We are not worried about clever designs or high creative. We are not putting something beautiful up for beauty's sake. Everything we do is designed to make our customers more successful. Period.

They also work because we have good and experienced developers (front end and backend) that are sitting at the table from day one. Website need to be coded. Designers do not think like developers. You cannot wait until the design is finished to think about development.

We see it too often: companies spend way too much money on poorly executed website that perform poorly because they let a creative agency convince them that they could build a website. Let the creative agencies do what they do best (brand) and let a digital firm build your website.

p.s. we love working on websites with good creative agencies.