How Continuous Integration Can Help Your Small Team

By Pablo Tapia


Why include the whole team in the development process when the developer could just build the website quickly? If you have a small team and an even smaller development team you might not think it is necessary to have a step by step process for developing.

However, continuous integration helps developers create a stronger website with fewer errors when they involve the whole team. At 45RPM, we are a small team and we have found that the use of continuous integration has greatly helped our developers and the entire team. Your team big or small, should consider using continuous integration because it creates a consistent process and builds a positive relationship with your client leading to an overall more efficient work flow.

Creates a consistent process with your team

Small teams should use CI because it is a formatted process which decreases confusion about the development status within your development team and entire company resulting in a better workflow and end product.

CI’s automated testing more accurately and efficiently tests applications that could break the website when it goes live. When the site is tested through CI, we are sure the applications will work as they should and that they won’t crash the site that developers have worked hard to create. Collaboration creates co-ownership of the development process within your small team.

Build a Relationship with The Client

Continuous integration builds a relationship with the clients because you can invite them to be apart of the development process, which forms a bond and creates trust between your agency and the client.

CI gives your small agency credibility because IT employee’s of your clients know the benefits of CI and are often used in the hiring process, so if you gain the respect of your potential client’s IT employees, you’re more likely to be hired to build their website.

Even if you are a small team, there is value in using this formal process of development. It allows you to involve your whole team to avoid mistakes. It also displays that you are a professional and organized company. A more efficient and strategic system creates a strong product, trust us.

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