How to Discover your Company Differentiator

By 45/RPM Staff


Today more than ever it seems that everyone is starting their own business. With that comes more competition in any field. It’s important to know how your company is different from the rest. What makes you stand out from others? At 45/RPM, we understand brands and know how to find your key differentiator. Read more to know how to begin to discover some of your company differentiators.

1. Do research on your competitors. Then list 5 things that differentiate you from your competitors.

Keep in mind your original vision for your company. How was that different from similar business models that you might have been inspired by. How is your company better?

2. Following your list of differentiators, develop a brand description with your differentiators in mind.


Create a statement that clearly highlights what makes your business stand out. Why should consumers choose you over competitors? Make it concise and clear. The consumer should know exactly what your offer and your strengths are.

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