Redesigning a Brand Leading the Future of Digital-first Enterprises

By 45/RPM Staff


When we first partnered with Sky Solutions, an app development company, they were already empowering businesses to accomplish the extraordinary, but their visual identity, messaging, and positioning didn’t reflect their market standing. We were tasked with redesigning Sky Solutions’ visual identity & repositioning their brand to communicate their history and experience to potential and existing clients.

What We Learned Along the Way

A Bold Mission Requires An Open-ended Brand

With statements like: “We are building a better and more connected world” and “Our mission is to empower people to do the extraordinary through technology”, we knew we needed to create a visual brand that encompassed that and more. 

Sky Solutions’ old logo, a paper airplane, drove us down a path of curiosity as we started to explore and ask ourselves critical questions about what it symbolizes and could possibly represent. What we ended up with was a brand concept anchored in 3 elements:


The Japanese art of folding paper is directly related to Sky Solution's paper airplane logo mark. With origami, paper can be folded many times, creating a vast option of shapes, sizes, and figures. This flexibility symbolizes Sky Solution's ability to develop and implement custom solutions for their clients.

The Sky

The sky is everything that lies above the surface, and conceptually captures the essence of Sky Solutions. Its vastness is reflective of Sky Solution's capabilities and expertise.


With light, there is clarity and the opportunity to see new horizons. And new ideas. Light is representative of technology and the implementation of innovative ideas.

Complex Ideas are Best Communicated Simply

Communication is key in any relationship, especially between businesses and customers. Clearly communicating Sky’s complex and technical services in a simple way was imperative for success. After our initial research and discovery phase, we settled on a visual and written approach that would simplify Sky’s complex services in an interesting way, so the right customers could easily see the value they provide.

Icons Communicating Services

Agile Optimization

Sky Technological Solutions

Cloud Services


Sky Strategic Solutions

Process Optimization

Positioning For Growth

One of Sky Solutions' goals was to establish legitimacy with new and existing clients through messaging that clearly communicates their services. conducting initial market research and competitor analysis, and identifying value propositions based on market gaps was the first step in creating the new strategic messaging foundation for Sky Solutions.

Based on our findings, we created a core value proposition that focused on Sky Solutions' high level of technical expertise in specific industry verticals.

Old Core Value Proposition

Sky Solutions, LLC is a niche services company that provides next generation solutions to enterprises who want to improve their business outcomes.

New Core Value Proposition

Our team of domain and technical experts empower enterprises in healthcare, financial services, and the public sector by using technology to change the way they work and connect with customers. 

Our next step was developing a messaging and positioning framework that directly connected customers’ pain points with specific service benefits and industry verticals. Becoming more niche meant narrowing down services and creating a new service architecture. 

Service Architecture Recommendations

  1. Changing the messaging from “Services” to “Solutions”, it implies a personal interaction and the goal to solve things for customers

  2. Grouping capabilities under solutions umbrellas

  3. Adding the “Sky” to each of the Solutions, that will help with the positioning of the brand across different channels and it will migrate the “white labeled” experience to a branded one

We consolidated Sky Solutions' old service offering from 15 to 8 that focused on three specific industries – Healthcare, Financial Services, and Public Sector. 


 Bringing It All Together 

As a whole, the new visual brand identity and strategic messaging and positioning aligns with Sky Solutions’ business strategy and reflects their true market standing.


  • Brand Guidelines - designed to be referenced for future campaigns 
  • Website Design
  • Website Copy
  • Messaging & Positioning