South of the Border - Digital Talent in Mexico and South America

By Pablo Tapia


We serve the Americas at 45/RPM with talent in both our Washington, DC and Mexico City offices. That strategy serves both us and our customers well. Here are some reasons why.

You have an idea, that idea requires a website and you need designers and developers to bring it to life. There are a lot of skilled developers near you, but they are out of your budget so you start thinking about outsourcing the website, but you are worried about language barriers or different time zones. Well we have a suggestion for that (and it works great for us) - if you need to outsource your website design and development go south of the border.

Design and development outsourcing in Latin American countries is affordable but is also time zone aligned with the US, has less of a language barrier, and a serge of design and development talent. At 45RPM, we understand the reasons you should outsource web design and development in Latin American countries because half of our company is proudly located in Mexico City.

Time Difference and Distance

It is easier to communicate with developers in Latin American countries because there is a shorter time difference making it easier to communicate and understand the status of and progress on your website. Latin American countries are closer, which makes travel faster and more affordable when meeting face to face with your development team if you choose.

Language & Culture

In Latin American countries, most people start learning to speak English at a young age and are increasingly using it in their jobs. Outsourcing in these countries allows for easier communication. The relative lack of a language barrier is beneficial for each group to understand the project and the ongoing work required in the design and development of your web project.

As more Latin Americans work in English for US and European companies - especially those looking to do business in the US and Latin America - they are exposed to the work culture of their clients. They understand how to communicate, report and meet.

Web Development Talent Surge

Many people fail to recognize the development skills in Latin American countries, however there is a serge in web design, development, and computer engineering in this region. South of the border, developers have closed the same skill set gap with their North American counterparts.


The benefit that most people think of first, we think of last: cost. Developers are cheaper in Latin America, for sure, while their talent is increasingly equal. What that means for most companies looking to outsource is that they can get more done for the same amount of money and can have a buffer for if or when a website design or development project gets tight (or new functions are added).

As a startup or new business in need of web developers think twice before you accept a package web development deal from across the globe. The price is attractive, but you have a much better and closer option when outsourcing your development. Latin American countries offer affordable development and also a better time difference and distance, better dialogue and a serge in development skills which ensures a great end product.

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