Start Incorporating Video into Everything You Do

By Patrick McManamee



Start Incorporating Video into Everything You Do 

You’re presenting to a client or speaking at an event - your speech is well planned and you think the content is very interesting, but you look at the audience and they are on their phones or their attention is elsewhere. The same is true when you post content online: your audience is easily distracted by other content all around them. You need to compete with that tiny TV in everyone’s hands. People expect to be entertained - online, in traffic, at work, even while pumping gas. Think about it, would you rather watch a 2-minute video or read a 5 min article?

Humans are visual by nature and process images much faster than words, so the use of dynamic content is essential for retention. Using video creates engagement and an emotional connection with your consumer which leads to better brand affiliation. 



45RPM Reel 1080 Comp from 45RPM on Vimeo.

Why You Should Incorporate Video

As humans we are attracted to stories. We always have been. And good video grabs attention because the visuals immediately begin to tell a story and that story generates an emotional reaction. Think about the video advertisements you watch on Youtube or Facebook. Which ones do you remember? The ones that made you feel something because of the story they told. If there is no story, you forget, quickly dismiss, or downright hate it.

Include video on your owned social media platforms and websites. People will remember the product or service if you tell a compelling story through video. You have the power to grab your viewers’ attention, but it is up to you to share content that is appealing. (it’s not that difficult to introduce your team and brand via a simple video)

How You Can Add Video Content 

A short video is better than no video. There are easy ways to incorporate interesting videos to your channels or presentation, even if you don’t own it.

  • Use a clip from your favorite show to illustrate a topic in a presentation
  • Insert an image or video between paragraphs on a blog

Now imagine you are presenting at a conference and you start the presentation with a high-powered display of images that grabs the audiences’ attention. You look into the crowd and see eyes locked on the moving visuals, your visuals and your message, leaving the crowd with a positive impression of your company.

At 45RPM, as marketers and content creators, we understand the importance of creating valuable (but also engaging) content. The content needs to have valuable information for the viewer and it needs to be presented in an intriguing and captivating way. The combination of these two elements breaks through the clutter we are exposed to everyday and creates trust between your business and your viewers.