Tips and Steps for Creating a Brand Promise

By 45/RPM Staff


One key element of building a strong brand is identifying your brand promise to your consumers.  A Brand Promise allows consumers to understand what your company’s vision is and how your product or service can help them. Figuring out your company’s brand promise can be difficult when trying to align it with your company values and mission. At 45/RPM, we have experts in branding, marketing communication, and graphic visuals who know how to develop a brand promise that is cohesive with all of your brand’s elements.


1. Decide what your company stands for

Think about the type of company you are and how you want your brand to be understood and seen by consumers. 

Once you've brainstormed your values and company goals, check to ensure they're communicated clearly.

 2. Ask an Outside Source to Explain Your Brand Promise to You. (We can help)

Ask someone who doesn’t work for your company to evaluate your brand by asking them some questions about your brand. For example: “What do we believe and promise as a company? Can you identify the type of person that works at our company?” If his or her answers align with your company values, then you can be confident that your brand promise is clearly communicated.

At 45/RPM, we have experience developing brand promise internally and with our clients. For a more detailed checklist on the success of your brand, check out our Digital Workbook at 45/RPM.

Let 45/RPM help create your company's brand promise.