Use Craft CMS - a Website Platform that Puts You in Control

By Francisco Leyva


With so many different development platforms available today, It can be a struggle to find the right content management system (CMS) to build your site. Craft CMS strikes the right balance between usability and flexibility - allowing you to be in control and enabling you to design and develop the website you need. Craft is a CMS that puts content first, with a customizable PHP backend designed for developers, and simple scalability. The result: an efficient workflow designed with everyone from content managers to developers in mind.

1. Content-First Website CMS

Craft’s customizable nature and user friendly interface is designed to make adding, removing and managing content easier. It’s consistent interface for content managers, designers and developers enables one source of truth creating better team collaboration and workflow across the board.

Easily design structure of the content through categories in the design field layout and matrix field tool. These features enable clear communication on the way content should appear and empower agile work processes.

2. Customizable Backend Designed for Developers

Craft CMS’ flexibility enables PHP developers to have complete control. From writing custom HTML, creating custom templates to managing multiple sites and creating multiple versions or previewing without changing the current website, Craft provides the tools for developers to build exactly the website they need and customize the CMS to fit the content and not the other way around.


3. Simple Scalability

Craft CMS has a built in plugin store, where you can browse hundreds of plugins including Salesforce and campaign monitor, providing the capability to extend simple designs in any direction as needed. Through Craft CMS gateway API, you can create and manage your own unique plugins and connect built in plugins with custom made plugins to create a more scalable and functional website.

Whether you are looking to deploy a newly designed website or an advanced developer or you are just dipping your toes into the web design world, Craft CMS is a great tool to consider. Its extremely user-friendly interface, design flexibility, and extendability offers benefits to anyone who needs to build a website.

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