What Sets You Apart Makes You Stronger

By 45/RPM Staff


In crowded markets, your brand is your most powerful and important strategic tool. Compelling brands are built on trust between consumers and businesses, and they stand out in a crowded market of similar companies offering similar products and services. Brands that stand out understand and articulate their differentiators.

Articulating What Makes You Different

Let’s cut straight to the point – it’s tough to stand out these days. But it’s not impossible. It all starts with strategy and part of that strategy is creating a brand based around your company’s differentiators. Identifying and understanding the “why” of your company will help you find your key differentiators and leverage them to craft a brand that turns your target audience into customers.

Here’s how you can get started. Try and answer these simple yet increasingly difficult to answer questions.

  1. Who are our customers and why do they buy?
  2. Who are we?
  3. Why do we do what we do?

Your answers to these questions will become the core of your business’ value proposition. The “why” behind your brand will serve as a guide to identifying your key differentiators and seamlessly reflecting through your brand strategy. Understanding your differentiators starts with knowing market demands and how your company fits within those demands.

Interested in how that looks? Here are a few recent client examples.

The Power of Differentiation

We view differentiation as one of the most important elements of your brand. Discover how we helped Nebia by Moen highlight their innovative approach to showering and how we developed BinVault’s, an on-demand storage service, brand and differentiation strategy.

Nebia by Moen



Nebia is an innovative company transforming how people shower. They partnered with shower industry leader Moen for research & development to revolutionize the shower experience. Resulting in an eco-friendly shower experience that saves water and provides an experience, unlike any other shower on the market.

What are Nebia’s differentiators? Or, what sets Nebia apart? The key to Nebia’s success is combining expert engineering and solid product design with a commitment to reducing water consumption globally. Their differentiators are: 1) a commitment to best in class engineering; and 2) creating a way for consumers to help save the environment.

The result:

Nebia reached success on Kickstarter through 8,000 backers raising 2,000,000 dollars for the product. Nebia’s differentiators revealed to target consumers the significance of their brand and why they should support this product.

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We worked with BinVault, an on-demand storage service in South Florida, to develop their visual identity, brand strategy, and go-to-market strategy as an alternative to public self-storage.

We developed and executed their brand that highlighted their differentiators: convenience, and the service and best in class facilities and security.

The result:

A messaging and positioning strategy that is designed for growth and differentiates BinVault from competitors in the storage market.

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