Why the Technics 1200 is Our Office Turntable

By Tim Neill


Workhorse. Indestructible. Giant killer. (kind of like 45RPM)

I have been obsessed with music, records and turntables for nearly 40 years and had one in my room(s) since I was 10. I remember buying the Commodores album accidentally when I was 9 (thinking it was the Boston album). I remember buying The Wall when I was 11 - even though it was scandalous. I remember the first time I let the needle drop on an Augustus Pablo album when I was 15.

I have had the 1200 that sits in our office for over 18 years. It’s outlasted turntables by Rega, Project, Music Hall, and others. It’s won over turntable searches that went far and wide. It’s remarkably good because it was designed to spin records, period, and it outperforms turntables many times its price. And you can’t break it.

Ours is not longer an ordinary 1200 - it’s about as tweaked as you can get. Our friends at Zu Audio added mass to the platter, the cable that runs to the amp, and (when the tip is not broken) our favorite cartridge - their modified Denon 103. The folks at Sound Hifi provided the outboard power supply and tips for how to push the limits on this direct drive beast. Our 1200 has upgraded feet, a new arm board, a Jelco tonearm, and a Herbie’s slipmat. And a handful of cartridges (for when our Zu goes down).

The sound unreal. Just ask our clients that walk up the stairs and drop the needle on the record they pick out of the stack. Or come check it out for yourself.