Why Your Brand’s Digital Presence Must Be Interactive

By 45/RPM Staff


Gone are the days of Mad Men, when graphic designers would pitch a marketing campaign or advertisement on a poster board with static graphics. Today the design world is much more complex with user research/analytics and the use of interactive design is necessary to grow brands and increase company sales.

Consumer behavior dramatically shifted in response to COVID-19 and this shift will last in the post-pandemic market. Consumers use online technology for everything now, from buying clothes and groceries to downloading apps to reading news articles. As consumers’ demands and needs for e-commerce and online communication increases brands must develop positive user experiences to meet these demands. For every company, it’s crucial to be one step ahead of the curve and keep up with innovative trends to stand out in this crowded market.

What is Interactive Design?

Interactive design is a process that engages with users through logical design, based on user behaviors creating positive experiences. Designers create these intuitive designs through research provided by user journey maps, strategy, and usability tests.

Interactive designers predict and track how users will respond to images and also create visually pleasing elements. Designers and strategists work together to create intuitive designs building user experiences that lead users in the right direction. There is no guessing with interactive design, user research and analytics ensure the user will reach the company’s call-to-action. It is then up to the user to buy the product or service. Intuitive brands craft pleasant user experiences leading to more conversions and sales. The combination of positive user experience and technology is what creates a successful interactive design.

Why Should Companies Care About Interactive Design?

Today as a digital brand and company, it’s simply not an option to not be interactive. Companies now focus all or most of their energy on multiple digital platforms. To be competitive with other brands, you need to understand all elements of interactive design, from how engagement works to how the customer reacts to the content. Successful companies have multiple digital touch points that create a positive experience for every user and leads the user in a planned direction.

Various interactive touch points give companies more exposure and brand consistency. Your digital presence must be usable on varying platforms from smartphones to tablets to monitors and computers. Digital compatibility with all of these devices creates an increase in overall positive user experience with every consumer leading to a greater return rate and increase in conversions. It is obvious why your company should care about interactive design, it creates happy consumers and develops a positive association about your brand with your target resulting in increased profits.

Great interactive design is a combination of understanding online consumer behavior and marketing strategy. With the dramatic shift to mostly all online sales and communication, interactive design is essential for all companies to build their brand, reach their target, and elevate profits.

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