3 Questions to Evaluate Your Digital Marketing Strategy

By Llorch De La Peña


Digital marketing is an intricate process with many moving parts. It is important to understand how these parts work together, so you can have an efficient plan that turns into results.

Consider your company’s core values, how you communicate with consumers, and the value of content to build an effective digital marketing strategy that will generate leads.

What are my core values?

What are the ideals that drive your company, and how are they reflected in products, service offering, or approach? Figuring out your core values starts with defining your company’s vision and mission and identifying brand attributes. Defining and understanding your core values allows you to create that reflects your company and effectively communicate to your target demographic. From here, you can begin to develop an authentic and consistent brand (i.e., name, logo) based on your company beliefs.

I am effectively communicate with consumers?

Determining how you position your brand is an essential part of developing effective digital marketing practices. When consumers engage with your brand across multiple touchpoints, are you conveying your key message(s) about products or service offerings? Develop customer personas that cover your main targets and refer to these personas as you create content to ensure you meet their desires. Developing a strategic messaging and positioning strategy provides parameters to effectively communicate with the target audience.

Do I have valuable content?

Great content always starts with your reader. An absolute critical aspect of developing an effective marketing strategy is producing relevant content that is compelling and intuitive to the pain points of your customer personas. Creating valuable content (i.e., blog posts, videos, social media, whitepapers, ebooks) that fits your brand helps you reach and attract the right people. Great content drives a marketing strategy and helps effectively generate qualified leads.

Digital marketing has many components and understanding each part of the process is the first step to having a successful digital presence. Once you understand your company values, what your business uniquely offers, and how you want to be seen, you will be ready to start an effective digital marketing campaign that leads to conversion and sales!