4 Characteristics of a Good Brand

By Tim Neill


Many companies, young or old struggle to understand if they have a solid brand or a brand at all. Today more than ever, companies are talking about branding and how to brand. The struggle for many companies is they don’t know how to analyze their brand. At 45/RPM, we think there are 4 main characteristics needed to understand the strength of your brand: Brand Promise, Differentiators, Strong Visuals, and Flexibility.

1) You Have a Brand Promise

You have an obvious brand personality. It is clear cut and easy for consumers to understand. If you asked someone to explain what your company stands for and the people who work for you, it would be simple.

2) You Have a Differentiator for  Your Company

Why should consumers pick you over your competitors? What makes you different from competitors? It is important to understand the “Why” to further develop your brand and image.

3) You Have Strong Visuals

Your brand visuals should be cohesive and obvious. The images reflect who you are as a company and your personality.

4) You Have a Flexible and Adaptable Brand

Having a brand identity that can extend a design in many directions is imperative. A solid brand can adapt its design and still reflect the brand image and personality.

As you build your business, be aware of the elements of your brand. Brand Promise, Differentiators, Cohesive Visuals, and Flexibility are a great start for developing a strong brand. At 45/RPM, we are experts on how branding fits into digital marketing. Visit 45/RPM and download our Digital Marketing Workbook to see if your business is on the right track.

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