Are You Rethinking Your Brand Identity?

By Katie Pomeroy


Your brand identity is never set in stone. To stay modern and relevant, executives and leaders need to continuously look at their companies’ brands with a critical eye to understand when a redesign is necessary and how to develop a process that enables brand flexibility. Deciding when it’s time to refresh your visual brand starts with a brand evaluation, then a redesign, and it continues with having a dynamic visual brand system.

Brand Evaluation: Aligning your visuals with your values and personality

To figure out if your brand needs a revamp, look at your visuals alongside your company’s brand personality. Do they align? As a business owner or CEO, your brand personality is evident to you, and you might not think it’s necessary to change it. Maybe you’ve had the same logo and visual brand elements for 10-15 years, and you still think it displays your brand values and personality, so everyone should. However, that isn’t guaranteed. As we said, your company’s brand personality is already clear to you. Still, you need to evaluate your visual brand with the lens of someone who has no idea about your company or its personality. Look at your visual brand with a critical eye and be honest.

If your company has been around for quite some time, changing a logo can be challenging. Maybe it’s changing a logo that you’ve had since the brand’s creation, and there is a sentimental value, or it’s updating brand elements across extensive sub-brands, and that’s a big commitment.

Rebranding is a commitment. However, it’s necessary to remain competitive, and there are ways to create a new visual brand that lasts and evolves with the changing market.

Brand Redesign: Understanding where to begin and tips

So if you've decided your brand needs an update, it's time to dig into your company's core so the new visual brand accurately displays the brand personality. As a CEO or founder, you might know a lot, a little, or not a lot at all about branding and design. Hiring an agency like 45/RPM is a great place to start when enhancing your visual brand. Like other marketing agencies, our process begins with thoroughly understanding your company's brand personality and market standing, so we can start to redesign and rebrand with your values and your targets in mind. When we design, we fully understand our client's market and where the brand lives. Creating a brand that can be visually replicated across mediums is crucial in today's online world. A design that is easily replicated and recognized is a successful visual brand, but how do you keep a successful visual brand? With the constant evolution of technology and trends, knowing when your next redesign is and having an already flexible brand is critical.

Brand Evolution: Creating a brand that has the ability to evolve

How often you decide to revamp your visual brand is different for every company, but you should always be looking to improve and stay relevant. For larger companies, consider a visual update if you've expanded your sub-brands or merged with another company. Consider a visual update for all companies if you've just reached a milestone accomplishment, benchmark, or anniversary. The frequency of redesigning can be often, but those design changes don't have to be drastic. You can make minor changes to a visual brand year to year, based on industry trends, letting it evolve through time instead of having a drastic rebrand. For example, take a look at Facebook and Instagram; if you were to compare each platform's first logos to their current logos, they look totally different, but users didn't notice those drastic logo changes because they occurred through small adaptations of the logo year to year. Facebook and Instagram remain relevant because they are continually modernizing their visuals, but doing it in a way that doesn't drastically change their visual brand in the consumers' eyes.

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To do this, you need to have a brand identity with a flexible logo and design system that makes it easier to make small changes to your designs. Flexible brands are easily manipulated and updated, so your visual brand can evolve year to year versus one massive redesign project that is more labor-intensive and dramatic. Learn more about flexible brands here and design systems here.

Understand when you need to redesign your visual brand and then when you do create a flexible visual brand that allows your brand to evolve with time and stay modern.