Better Team Workflows With Figma

By Deborah Guarneros


No mail.

The file is big, it may take a while to export.

Your designer still hasn’t sent the updated version of project the team is working on or your trying to send the latest design to the whole team, but the upload is taking forever. Regardless of who you are you’ve hit a roadblock in the workflow.

Nothing is more annoying than waiting for an email or having to compress multiple versions of a design to send out to the whole team. With Figma, you can avoid these frustrations. Figma’s user interface allows for easier team collaboration, creates better workflow efficiency, and is cost effective.

Easier team collaboration

Figma is the perfect tool for collaboration empowering users to work simultaneously on the same project and leave comments in real time. Designers can define a single style for font type, font size, color, and grid type creating cohesiveness across the design. Copywriters can add copy directly into the design as the designer is working on it. Developers can easily access to the code to copy and export the CSS. With all of this effortless collaboration comes a more efficient process.

Efficient workflows

Figma, allows your team to change content in the same document at the same time, which takes out the process of updating and sending the updated versions to the team. Team Libraries and prototypes let designers can share components and within the Figma file creating a better workflow. Figma can also integrate project management tools like Jira to streamline workflow. Not only is Figma great for the team and efficiency, but also your wallet.

Economical: It’s free

Other design applications can be extremely expensive and don’t provide the same collaboration workflow capabilities. It’s simple, use Figma because it’s free and has beneficial user-interface features.

At 45RPM, we collaborate with each other everyday (a lot of the time remotely) and Figma makes it easier. If you want better team collaboration, a more efficient process, and less fees Figma should be your team’s #1 design tool.

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