The Keys to Successfully Selling on Amazon

Written by: 45rpm staff

February 16, 2018

Amazon dominates online selling and is the single most important e-commerce channel. The ease and convenience of Amazon Prime has changed how and where consumers buy. Most brands have not kept up and don’t have an Amazon strategy for advertising, content creation, and customer communications. That’s where 45RPM can help.

Become an Amazon Seller

More than half of product searches in the US start with Amazon. You need to be registered to sell with Amazon, and that it not always as simple as it sounds. We manage that critical first step in the process for you if it has not been and make sure that your seller account is optimized if it has.

Register Your Brand on Amazon

We register you as a brand on Amazon to take control of your products and improve your performance - gaining more control over Amazon product detail pages, the ability to create a branded Amazon storefront, higher priority Amazon product listing edits, and the ability to add enhanced branded content. It’s also an important step towards owning the buy box.

Advertise on Amazon (and off)

You still need to build traffic to your Amazon product listings, and the fastest way to do that is on platform advertising. You need to follow best practices and own the ‘buy box’ in order to have access to Amazon advertising. Like in search, sales traction helps and moving up in the organic listings is the best way to drive down the cost of Amazon advertising

Fulfill on Amazon

If you do not do this already, it should be part of your strategic roadmap. Put simply, Amazon gives preference to sellers (and brands) that do. Amazon fulfillment is a key part of owning the buy box and of making sure that Amazon customers get your product quickly and have an easy way of managing returns.

Communicate with Customers

Amazon black boxes customer data to control communication and keep those customers on the platform. We use tools to make sure that your digital, online communications are branded and on message - tools that integrate with your existing digital communications.