Brand Positioning That Drives Growth

By Julien Henderson


Brand Positioning is how your brand appears in your consumer’s mind. What do they think of when they hear your company’s name or how does it make them feel? Developing a strategic positioning for your brand or business is a crucial key to driving sustainable growth for your company. By correctly communicating the relevance of how and why your company matters, you create a foundational component in positioning your brand to drive long-term growth.

Brand Positioning That Creates Market Differentiation

Creating a unique brand position will provide customers with a coherent and meaningful picture of your business, products, or services. By identifying how your products or services impact end–users and the competitive landscape enables you to recognize sustainable differentiating factors.  

Dynamic Brand Positioning

Industries get disrupted. New competitors enter the market. In the era of digital sprawl, markets are always shifting and ever-changing. Creating a brand positioning that is aligned with your evolving brand strategy enables you to endure shifts in the market. 

Compete On Value, Not Price

Value is what you provide your customers and how it meets their needs better than your competitors. Brand Positioning amplifies your business’ ability to communicate the value of your products or services through storytelling, messaging, and copy. 

In today’s market positioning your brand critical to driving growth. At 45/RPM we partner with clients to truly understand their business goals and their customers' pain points to develop digital strategies that will drive results.  

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