Creating an Evolving Brand Strategy

By Noriko Harada


Think about 10 years ago. Think about how you listened to music, how you called people, and how you watched movies. Probably very different, right? A lot can change in 10 years. Advances in technology and shifts in consumer values and demands are rapidly evolving the buying processes and industries - requiring ongoing brand strategy evolution. Continuously analyzing your core values, focus, consumer’s needs enables your enterprise to adapt brand strategy and message to communicate with consumers effectively.

Always analyze core values and consumer pain points

You always need to be aware of your company mission and how they reflect your actions. Are your values obvious to the consumer? Are those values reflected in your online and offline presence?

You need to define your company values because changing trends in the marketing will cause brands to develop new strategies and as long as you reflect your company’s values you will have your consumer’s trust. A brand strategy is a living document that is allowed to change as long as you are consistent with what you say and what you do.

Your strategy should align with specific consumer pain points. It’s always stronger to focus on a specific thing your company does best and push that to make it clear to the target. The agility of your brand strategy will create more efficient responses to a changing market and changing consumer needs.

Meet your consumers where they are

It is important to be constantly adding and updating different channels to your strategy because platforms are constantly evolving and emerging, so you will stay relevant in your target’s mind and digital world.

Again think about what you valued 10 years ago, it might be different than today. Your target wants to see you as a brand that meets their needs and desires. For example, you wouldn’t appreciate it if Apple still only talked about the selfie camera on iPhone, that’s old news! You want to hear about the iPhone camera that takes pictures as good if not better than some digital cameras.

It’s important to be progressive. As time passes, desires change and brands do too. At 45RPM, we understand the ever changing world that is digital marketing. The longevity of your brand strategy is a result of having a flexible, agile, and living document that appeals to your consumers’ needs and is rooted in truth and authenticity.

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