It's Time to Rethink Design and Its Impact

By 45/RPM Staff


We are proud of the fact that our team comes from many backgrounds. We have two offices, one located in Washington DC and one in Mexico City. Our team is diverse, but that doesn’t mean we are perfect when it comes to designing inclusively. As a company, we are actively trying to be more inclusive and diverse. We believe that having an on-going open discussion about diversity and inclusivity is extremely important and fundamental for developing empathy and creating content. The onus is on us as an agency to continue the conversation internally and externally, and adopt a more diverse and inclusive perspective for all future projects.

We continue to educate, learn, and grow together as a team. Here are a few practices we are planning to adopt and implement.

Performing separate project reviews for inclusivity

Everyone has unconscious biases whether they are aware or not. By analyzing designs as a team, you are effectively able to address all unique biases that could go unseen by a single designer or content producer. We suggest having specific reviews or portions of project reviews dedicated to this – keeping all team members focused on the goal of diversity and inclusivity.

Teams can strategically prototype designs and products for inclusivity and diversity before the design is finalized. This process opens a dialogue for all internal team members to review and assess the design specifically for diversity and inclusivity instead.

Establishing Goals with Clients

As marketers and designers, we can shape the future of designs and we have a responsibility to create content that is inclusive and diverse. As a company, it should be your goal to create inclusive content and have an open discussion about inclusive and diverse designs with your clients. Implementing diversity in design and thought from the beginning creates an opportunity to have dialogue and address diversity and inclusion issues.

Having open conversations with team members

The understanding of biases in design and content can always be improved. Learning is a continuous process. The goal of having an open dialogue is to check our own biases, understand the implications of design, and find new ways to create for everyone.

Opening dialogue to brainstorm about ways to become a more inclusive and diverse team is a good starting point. Also, sharing resources like articles and videos about inclusivity with team members can be helpful. It’s all about the momentum and keeping the conversation moving, so your team can continue to learn and create more inclusive designs.

There is room for improvement in all aspects of life when we talk about inclusivity and diversity, design being one aspect. These exercises are not a one time task that is checked off, they are a continuous process and conversation. Be the team that facilitates the evolution of inclusive and diverse design and continue the momentum of change.