Optimize Your Analytics By Using Both Hubspot and Google Analytics

By Francisco Leyva


Utilizing HubSpot and Google analytics together provides rich sets of data and dynamic insight into how consumers engage and interact with your marketing assets and website. Having a complete view and better understanding of customer behavior enables you to optimize your marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions. Combining data from different areas provides insight for businesses to create competitive advantages, anticipate business opportunities, and become end user-centric.

HubSpot and Google Analytics together

HubSpot and Google give you different statistics about your site that reveals a better insight of the website’s performance as a whole. Each tool gives you different insight into the traffic, which gives you more results. The different information from each platform allows you to mesh the data and ultimately improve your website’s traffic

Hubspot Analytics

  • Measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Influenced contacts
  • New contacts (first & last touch)
  • Influenced revenue
  • Sessions
  • CTA performance

Google analytics

  • Behavior flow
  • Identify uniques visitors
  • Acquisition
  • Audience
  • Site content
  • Navigation
  • Bounce rate
  • Exit rate
  • Conversions

Using meaningful data from multiple sources

Integrating different data sources improves the overall data quality enabling you to have a holistic view and better understand the entire customer experience. HubSpot and Google analytics together provide insightful information that helps you optimize your strategy to ensure that you're providing consumers with relevant information that meets their needs.

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