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By Pablo Tapia


How Continuous Integration Can Help Your Small Team

Continuous Integration is not only a tool for large development teams. If you are a small team and don't use CI, you need to start.

By Pablo Tapia


Static is Back! Another Way to Deploy Your Website That You Aren’t Thinking About

Many people are unaware of the benefits of static websites. You should switch to a static website over web hosting services ASAP, heres why.

By Llorch De La Peña


3 Questions to Evaluate Your Digital Marketing Strategy

3 questions you need to answer when evaluating your digital marketing strategy.

By Francisco Leyva


Optimize Your Analytics By Using Both Hubspot and Google Analytics

Analytics is essential for growth. At 45RPM we understand the power of using Hubspot and Google analytics together.

By Francisco Leyva


Use Craft CMS - a Website Platform that Puts You in Control

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Craft CMS For Your Next Website

By Deborah Guarneros


Better Team Workflows With Figma

Design smarter not harder. Learn the benefits of the user interface design tool, Figma that makes collaboration easier.

By Ruth Aitken


5 Reasons to Revamp Your Amazon Product Descriptions

Many Amazon retailers are losing potential conversions because of a waste of one element: the product description.

By Tim Neill


Why the Technics 1200 is Our Office Turntable

Workhorse. Indestructible. Giant killer. (kind of like 45RPM)