Static is Back! Another Way to Deploy Your Website That You Aren’t Thinking About

By Pablo Tapia


You recently decided to redesign or develop from scratch your online presence. You might be a new company who is just building your digital portfolio or an established one that is getting a new website up and running. You know that there are many services, like Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress that help you build your own website. Each platform tells you how easy it is to use their service to build your own website. Sounds great right? Not so much.

While these website platforms making keeping a dynamic website up-to-date easier, they come with trade-offs - in performance and efficiency. A static website is HTML code that stores the website the same way it displays it - making it lighter and faster.

At 45RPM, our expert developers know this and want to share why you the reasons you should, once again, give static websites a chance - even when you use a content management system to keep your website current.

1) Static HTML Websites Are Cheaper

If you’re just starting to build your business or brand the last thing you need is another expense. Hosting services charge you monthly for inflexible template themes that you don’t need. Many website platforms come with monthly or annual licensing fees. Static websites are significantly cheaper to host without the design restriction of themes or templates. You also need to pay for storage and SSL certificate when using host services.

2) Static HTML Websites are Faster and More Secure

Static websites are faster because there is no unnecessary back server script that needs to load to display a website - something that all website platform services need to execute. The speed of static websites enhances SEO results because Google search favors clean and fast sites.

You don’t have to worry about hacks or attackers because attackers go after server information that static websites don’t have. The result: a more secure website without exposure to sensitive data.

3) No Web Design Restrictions

Static websites are uniquely yours - you can do whatever you want with your design and there are no theme restrictions. Static websites are trending in the developer world because of these benefits, so there are many tools that can help you build your own static page. Also, anyone with HTML or Javascript knowledge can also help you create a static website.

Static websites are cheaper, faster, more secure and simple. So why doesn’t everyone have a static website? Because people are simply unaware. At 45RPM, we recognize this. We are website design and development experts and can help you through the process of launching your first static website - even if you are using a CMS, like Craft (our favorite PHP CMS right now!)

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