The Key to Attracting the Right Audience

By Julien Henderson


Strategic messaging and positioning is the foundation for the way a brand or enterprise communicates in the future. The way we communicate has changed drastically, and developing a messaging and positioning strategy will enable your company to be resistant to the ever-changing landscape. As the intersection between product and service blur, how brands communicate (positioning) is just as crucial as what they communicate (messaging).

At 45/RPM, we understand that successfully positioning your brand and communicating why it matters is critical to driving revenue and sustained growth. More importantly, we know how to develop audience-specific messaging and position companies to give them a competitive advantage. If you haven’t defined your brand purpose and vision you need to start, here’s why:

You Need to Connect with Your Target Audience

Strategic messaging is a value-based communication framework that communicates a product or service values by describing the solution to their problem. An effective strategy requires strong and consistent messaging that resonates with your customer. An essential component is identifying your target demographics and their values and turning those values into a concise and impactful message that resonates with them.

You Need to Differentiate Your Brand

Messaging and positioning go hand in hand, and a strong brand positioning has a great impact on the success of your business. Branding is the process of distinguishing your business from its competitors, the method in how you place the product or service in the consumer’s mind. Effective branding positioning should be designed to help consumers make informed decisions, compete and shift in ever-changing and dynamic markets, and create a competitive advantage that differentiates.

Implementing Strategic Messaging and Positioning

Effective strategic messaging and positioning is critical for sustained growth in today’s oversaturated market. Strategic communication that resonates with the customer leads to a more user-centric buying process. Developing a clear strategy is difficult. 45/RPM empowers brands to focus on their target audience and create an effective content strategy that brings the brand to life and position themselves for the future

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