Tips for Creating your Visual Brand

By 45/RPM Staff


A visually cohesive brand is essential for any business to be recognized. Images should be consistent and relevant to your brand’s personality. At 45/RPM, we are experts in visual branding to create a strong brand. Read more for some tips on how to develop a strong and united visual brand.

1) Develop a Brand Book

If you don’t already have a brand book you need one. This should include Brand Architecture, Definition, Naming, Tagline, Mark & Wordmark, Iconography, Image Style, Web Guidelines Packaging. A brand book makes it clear to all employees on how the brand should sound and look. These guidelines make it easier for the whole company to stay on brand and continue to follow your personality and values. At 45/RPM, we have developed many successful brand books for our clients. 

If you already have a brand book, make sure you are constantly checking and updating it as needed. It’s important to update your brand guidelines to ensure that all deliverables consumers will view are consistent. Consistency reveals to the consumer you’re a strong company with a clear objective developing a sense of trust between the company and possible client or buyer.

2) Invest some time knowing your customer

Do research on your customer. Understand how your customer thinks and what they want from you as a company.

3) Research on references, get as many as possible

Look for inspiration in other brands. What do you like about other brands? The way they communicate their products? Or the use of certain visuals or videos in communication? Find inspiration to help you develop your own visual brand elements.

4) Test your brand

There are many ways to test the effectiveness of your visual brand. This can be done through user testing or focus groups. It is important to test your brand to know which elements need more work and which are strong.


Developing an effective and clear brand book is challenging. At 45/RPM, our expert marketers and graphic designers can help. For more detailed information check out our Downloadable Digital Marketing Workbook.