It's Time To Develop a Brand That Embraces Change

By 45/RPM Staff


The digital world never stands still, and by its very nature, it's constantly evolving with new technologies and emerging platforms. Today's landscape demands that businesses embrace change and adapt quickly. 

Let’s discuss why embracing brand fluidity and developing a flexible brand has never been more critical, and a few tips to help you create an adaptive brand.

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A company’s brand identity must reach beyond its static logo and one dimensional brand language. It’s no longer a one way street, it must encompass how it interacts and resonates with audiences, the way it speaks across multiple platforms and most importantly how It’s experienced. 

To be blunt, total brand consistency is an unachievable goal, and in fact, it’s impossible. Instead, find a balance that keeps the core principles and attributes intact with brand fluidity that enables it to quickly adapt, pivot and respond to customers’ needs.

Creating A Flexible Brand

Designing a flexible brand identity takes a lot of work and collaboration. Let’s take a look at some ways for creating a flexible brand that will grow your business:

1. Create A Flexible Logo

Use a combination of words, symbols, and design elements that represent your product, service, and unique offerings. 

2. Develop A Design System

A modern brand identity system provides businesses with a brand that can rapidly and organically evolve in our fast-paced digital world.

During the creation of the wireframe, develop components for your design system that are adaptable and easily transferred to multiple platforms to ensure consistency.


Crafting a brand that is flexible begins with your design system and developing elements that can adapt to other platforms.

New trends and platforms are constantly developed and it’s helpful to have a visual brand that can adapt with evolving trends.

4. Create a compelling and engaging Brand Image

A compelling visual brand stems from your design system. Create a brand that has intriguing elements that are consistent but are still unique and engaging with consumers. Compelling brands keep consumers interested, resulting in higher conversions and repeat customers.

When you create a flexible brand, it results in more immersive, delightful, and rewarding customer experiences that build long-term sustainability. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t have the resources to take on the project yourself, we’re happy to help you get your brand on the right track. 

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