Tips for Developing a Flexible Brand

By 45/RPM Staff


Today more than ever, technology and platforms are constantly evolving. The continuous development of new marketing avenues means that static brands no longer work. Companies need a flexible brand design that gives them the ability to adapt, pivot, and evolve as industries' demands change.

Why it’s important?

  • Saves you time from having to constantly adapt logos etc. to fit different platforms
  • Keeps your brand image consistent and recognizable
  • Allows you to adapt to changes in trends and the market
  • Keeps brand image interesting and compelling for consumers

Tips to create a flexible brand:

  • Set rules: these must be clear and easy to translate into every channel
  • Know your competitors and how their brand appears
  • Know about the current channels and technologies to create flexible designs based on different platforms
  • Know your target and what imagery attracts them
  • Always adapt and update your brand to fit new platforms and trends in the market


At 45/RPM, our designers understand branding and our marketers understand good design. Our designers and marketers also collaborate to make a flexible and cohesive brand. Check out our Digital Marketing Workbook for more information on how to create a successful brand.