Turn Leads into Clients with Hubspot

By Jake Reeves



When you are a small business, every lead is crucial. At 45/RPM, we understand the importance of communication through the sales process. As an agency with offices in Washington DC and Mexico City, we are not always in the same place and communication can be difficult. In smaller agencies many people help through-out the sales process and this can lead to miscommunication and then to one, or two, or five leads falling through the cracks. Lost leads equal lost opportunity. Hubspot helps us keep our leads organized creating clear communication within our team about our sales process.

HubSpot’s Sales Hub

Hubspot Sales Hub allows you to keep a record of all points of contact including emails, calls, notes, appointments, and various tasks. This allows for any team member to have access to the current sales process with each lead at any moment.

You can access:

  • Who sent the last email
  • Who made the last call
  • What was said during the last contact
  • When is the next task.

This access to this information is crucial for turning leads into clients.

Learning HubSpot

Everyone knows the transition to a new CRM is not is not always seamless, but HubSpot makes it easy and well worth it because it is so much more than just a CRM platform. The Learning Center is full of courses, lessons, and certifications to guide you through using the platform and also teach you various ‘best practices’. HubSpot trainings are available for each employee as it pertains to their specific job duties and helps them further develop their skills using the platform.

At 45/RPM, Hubspot alleviates confusion about leads and contacts across our team. It allows us to have a clear idea about where we stand with each lead. There are so many useful tools within Hubspot and we are constantly learning new things within the Learning Center. If you are a small business or have multiple offices, you should use HubSpot for better communication about business leads within your team.